Light Reach is a rapidly deployable, scalable, and game-changing initiative that was launched with the goal of bringing an end to light poverty.

According to the International Energy Agency, nearly 1.1 billion people are still without access to electricity, and many more have only unreliable access. The consequent light poverty not only starves education and economic development, it also obscures the artistic expression and creative enterprise of individuals and communities. Our off-grid solar lighting projects not only provide task lighting for working at home and for way-finding outside, they also light up public spaces to serve the social and recreational needs of communities after sunset. In addition, the lighting kits we donate double-up as sustainable back-up lighting systems in case of emergencies.

The educational value of light is such that it uniquely engages science and technology with the arts, which aligns with today’s trend of STEAM as the augmented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math + ART). Light Reach conducts workshops with communities that help them learn about light, from both a scientific and from a design/ artistic perspective.

The world population is projected to exceed 9 billion by mid-century; Light Reach provides a path for lighting activism to empower all with lighting equality.