Volunteer Training Program

Light Reach offers aspiring volunteers from the lighting industry several project programs to choose from, to serve communities with light and lighting expertise.

All volunteers are required to attend our two-session Volunteer Training Program (VTP) before they can enlist on a project:

  • Session 1: Project 1-2-3

In this session, you will learn how projects work from start to end, including all administrative set-up, project logistics and internal and external processes.

  • Session 2: Workshop 1-2-3

In this hands-on session, you will learn how to conduct community workshops on a number of topics with participants of varying ages.

VTP provides open-source tools such as guidelines on project processes, specifications for off-grid turnkey lighting kits, and pedagogical materials for community workshops on light and lighting.

Every team of volunteers participating in a project receives a workshop kit with a variety of optical and pedagogical accessories, and has access to our opensource database of workshop outlines.

How to Volunteer

  • Ensure you can commit to contributing 10 days over the course of three months to volunteer on a project (if you cannot use your vacation time, check if your company could sponsor your time and join our list of sponsors);
  • Send us an e-mail at [email protected] to register for our next VTP training cycle;
  • Attend VTP and sign-up to be a volunteer on a project