Comerío (RDN3)

Site: Comerío, PR
Timeline: March – July 2019
Team: Marién Velez, Lorna Mulero, Stephanie M. Soler
Local Partner: La Maraña 


The colorful and quaint neighborhood of Vuelta del Dos in Palomas Bajo, nestled in lush mountains, is home to hundreds of families that suffered severe losses during Hurricane María. We are collaborating with La Maraña, a local nonprofit led by the grassroots organizations Defend Puerto Rico and Coco D’Oro, and has been working with communities to support post-hurricane relief efforts.


After a first visit to the site and meeting with community leaders, our team and La Maraña conducted two workshops on light. Residents learned a few lighting fundamentals, and explored the impact and effects of lighting on the grounds with the expert guidance of our volunteers.

Shortly after the workshops, the community installed all donated solar pole and flood lights. 

Our team will lead a final workshop with the community to highlight key site features such as a community mosaïc, buildings and vegetation to enhance the overall aesthetics of communal public spaces with landscape lighting (pending funding).


Participatory events

2 workshops

Equipment donated

2 solar streetlights

2 solar floodlights

25 portable lights