Vision & Mission


Light Reach is about life after dark. It is a solar lighting initiative by lighting think tank PhoScope, designed to leapfrog over utility grids to light work and play, and to boost the well-being and economic growth of underserved communities worldwide.


Light Reach is a large-scale, multi-program and global solar lighting initiative to scale-up social action and engagement in the field of lighting design and fight light poverty with rapidly deployable project models.

Based on Nathalie Rozot’s award-winning project and methodology developed for Haïti’s residents of Martissant and nonprofits Concepteurs Lumière Sans Frontières and Fokal, Light Reach provides a unique path to lighting activism and empowers all with lighting equality.

Each program has its own modular, scalable template that can be adapted to the specific needs of each project location and its resident community. Each template consists of a kit of solar-powered lights and workshops with the community members. Our volunteers work with each community to determine where to install the stationary lights, then lead the workshops where the participants learn about the science and art of light and lighting.

• Our solar lighting projects light up public spaces to serve the social and recreational needs of communities after sunset.

• We conduct artistic and educational workshops that help communities learn about light and how to use lighting to improve their everyday and their creative lives.

• We donate sustainable lighting kits that double-up as back-up lighting systems in case of emergencies to support communities with task lighting, way-finding and public space.

Our pilot Light Reach Program, Recreo de Noche, was supported by seed grants from the New York sections of the Design Lighting Forum and the Illuminating Engineering Society.