Is your birthday coming up? Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and help us raise funds for PhoScope’s initiative Light Reach.

Step 1: Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers?birthday&source=help_center_how_to_create_birthday_fundraiser and select PhoScope as your charity.

Step 2: Choose a fundraising goal (amount) and the end date– we suggest between one week to one month.

Step 3: Upload a photo—we suggest one of these (right click to download):

Little girl experimenting with a portable light and colored filters
 group of kids participating in a lighting workshop, learning to use portable lights with color filters to create new colors and shadows
children hugging after receiving a donation of portable lights

Step 4: Personalize. your text — you can use the following:

Title: Help me celebrate my birthday by bringing light equality!
Text: On my Birthday I am giving back by asking my friends and family to support an important initiative because I believe that light is a universal right: Light Reach’s mission is to fight light poverty around the globe. Please contribute here on Facebook and then see them in action at http://lightreach.net

Step 6: Celebrate your birthday knowing that you helped bring light to someone in need. Happy Birthday and congratulations!